om klassen

Scandinavia 650 Class

The Skippi 650, a design by J. Piesniewski, is a monotype yacht — the best performer in her class.
In the case of this boat You can be absolutely certain of one thing: this is no ordinary boat.
We made her for people fascinated by speed, who delight in skimming the waves under genacker power.
And thanks to her large sail surface and giant genoa, this yacht truly is a powerhouse, capable of impressive speeds.
To sail her is to experience speed and exhilarating freedom.The miles of water flash by so fast, you feel that no body of water is big enough for her. Enter any race and you are chances for succes on win. Or pit yourself against international competitors in the same class of boat.
The Skippi 650 is unsinkable, so your adrenalin flow during races will not be stemmed by concerns about safety. High winds or high seas are not something you need to worry about.The fixtures are highest quality products from Ronstan of Australia, so you needn’t worry about those either, even in the harshest of conditions.All you need to do is enjoy the speed and savor your mastery over the elements.