Getting Scared Of Cigarette Smoke? Move To Snus

Many people around us are using a cigarette in their day to day life. But does smoking cigarette is harmful for only them? No, smoking creates smokes, so the person who is smoking around is harming his health and putting your life at risk. Have you noticed no smoking signs on the roadsides and public places? These signs are not for irritating a smoker but to keep other people of that are safe. It is like you want to switch from cigarette to any option but not getting one? So snus is what you are looking for.

What is snus?

Snus is a type of tobacco product that can give you similar pleasure as a cigarette can, but without emitting any kind of smoke. It was founded in Sweden in the early 18th century, placed under the lip for an extended period of time to enjoy it at fullest. It is commonly found in small pouches, and various brands sell it. It is kept inside the mouth beneath your lip, where the consumer can suck it for the next 30 minutes; it doesn’t usually require spitting.

Being used for more than 200 years in Sweden, it is also now manufactured in the United States of America from past years. Sweden snus and American snus can be of two different types, and you can get all those variants online.

Different types of snus

Snus can be of mainly two types:-

    • Loose snus

It is a moist powder that can be portioned and is commonly found packed in a cylindrical or spherical shape. In this cylindrical box, a loose amount of snus is packed so that the person who wants to consume it can take a pinch from the crate and put it under the lip as per their requirement.

    • Portion